SACPCMP Registration Assistance

The SACPCMP is a statutory body that regulates the certifications, registrations and applications of Construction Professionals. Construction Professionals can register in the following categories:

  • Candidate Construction Health and Safety Officer
  • Construction Health and Safety Officer (CHSO)
  • Construction Health and Safety Manager (CHSM)
  • Construction Health and Safety Agent (Pr. CHSA).

In terms of the Construction Regulation 8(5), a contractor is required to appoint a competent safety officer, taking into account the size and duration of the project. Without the necessary qualifications and certifications, a construction safety officer is not deemed competent. If a construction safety officer is registered with the SACPCMP, he or she is deemed competent in South Africa. Without this registration, a Construction health and safety professional cannot practice in the workplace lawfully.

What are the requirements for a Construction Health and Safety  professional to be competent as set out by the SACPCMP council?

In order to successfully register as a Construction Health and Safety Professional, applicants will have to meet various requirements as set out by the SACPCMP. The applicants follow a simple submit, assess and re-assess process whereby they submit certain documents to verify experience and competency. The council then assesses the documents and, based on the results, decides whether or not the applicant can be deemed competent.

For example, a Construction Health and Safety Officer applicant will firstly have to submit project profiles (Annexure 1) stating the number of projects for which he or she had been responsible. This should also serve as proof that the candidate has a minimum of 4 years’ experience in the Construction industry. The project profile must be detailed and up to date in order to accurately reflect the candidate’s experience. Secondly, 2 project reports (Annexure 2) must be submitted, which outlines the following topics in no less than 1500 words for each report, based on past experience:
  • Procurement Management
  • Cost Management
  • Hazard Identification Management
  • Risk Management
  • Accident or Incident Investigation Management
  • Legislations and Regulations
  • Health, Hygiene and Environmental Management
  • Communication Management
  • Emergency Preparedness Management.
These topics should discuss the challenges experienced as well as the successes achieved by the applicant in order to demonstrate competence and experience.
Lastly, the applicant must submit their Curriculum Vitae in a specific format, ID document and any other qualifications and certificates to the SACPCMP for assessment. Upon a successful assessment outcome, the applicant will undergo an examination and only after successful completion thereof will the applicant be deemed competent and officially registered as an SACPCMP-registered professional.

It is also important to mention that an annual fee is payable to the SACPCMP upon application and registration of any category and consequently, SACPCMP certificates of registration are valid for a year.

How can RUANSA assist me in the registration process?
We assist by ensuring that your documents (Project Reports, Project Profiles and CV) are of the highest quality. We will guide you on exactly what you need to do. Please download and complete the CHSO or CHSM Application Questionnaire and email it to us for an obligation free quotation. 

Can RUANSA speed up the registration process at the SACPCMP?
No, unfortunately we cant.

I am a registered Candidate...Can RUANSA assist me with the Logbook?
Yes we can! For more information on how we assist candidate CHSO and Candidate CHSM, please click on the link below to download our Candidate Assistance Program brochure. If you would like a no obligation quotation then please download the Candidate Questionnaire, complete it and email it to us.