How to prepare an HSE Plan

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by Rudi Nieuwoudt

HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) Plan is a plan document that includes an establishment of the HSE Management system, implementation of the HSE policy, and achievement of the HSE objectives effectively. The Health and Safety Plan is developed from the pre-construction information that the Client and your project manager provide to you. It should be prepared before construction work starts.

An organization's health and safety plan is meant to secure the safety of workers. The health and safety plan of a project mainly describes what kind of hazards are involved in a project, how they can be eliminated or controlled, and what sort of equipment will be used to ensure the safety of the workers.

What is usually in a HSE Plan?

Below is a guideline on what the average HSE plan contains. It is however imperative that you consult your employers requirements regarding the compilation and content of the HSE plan.


2.Project Scope                                                                                               

3.Project Duration                                                                             

4.References and Guidelines                                                        

5.Health & Safety Policy      

6.Project Objective

7.Project Targets                                                                                             



10.Progress Meetings

11.Toolbox Talks  


13.Site Rules                                                                                       

14.Site Access                                                                                                             


16.Audits and Inspections

17.Personal Protective Equipment   

18.Working at Heights                                              


20.First Aid Measures

21.Fire Prevention                                                                              

22.Monitoring and Review                                                                         

23.Incident Investigation and Reporting                                                                 

24.Records and Document control.

Important Points to Remember

1. The HSE plan is a live document and changes as the project evolves.

2. HSE plans must be specific to the working area/project.

3. The HSE plan must be approved by the responsible person. Usually a project manager/director/company owner.

4. The HSE plan must be made freely available to all employees.

5. Every time a change is made to the HSE plan, the document owner needs to approve it again. Remember to recommunicate these changes to the employees.